Bamboo Hairbrush with boar hair

Bamboo Hairbrush with boar hair

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The NORTH BY HEART bamboo hairbrush is a high-quality hairbrush with a bamboo handle. The hairbrush's boar hair and nylon are suitable for normal, fine and thick hair. The hair brush cleans the hair, stimulates the scalp and increases blood circulation to the hair roots.

The composition of the brush head distributes the scalp's natural, nurturing oil along the length of the hair, and maintains the hair's strength and suppleness. The nylon sticks massage the scalp and act as a peeling on the skin. (the longer nylon sticks ensure that the brush reaches deeper into the scalp and provides a scalp massage. The blood circulates to the hair follicle and nourishes the hair root which promotes hair growth.

The hair's natural oil from the hair follicle is released when you use our hairbrush, and when brushed through is absorbed by the boar bristles and distributed along the length of the hair. This prevents an oily scalp and gives the hair a natural shine.

The hairbrush is designed for comfortable everyday use, for the whole family. A mixture of the finest natural boar hair and nylon sticks helps with detangling without damaging the hair.

Children love this gentle bamboo hair brush – it doesn't hurt to brush your hair. The brush is light with an ergonomic handle that provides a stable grip. The brush is medium size.

  • Bamboo Hair Brush:
    - high quality
    - for all hair types
    - with nylon pins
    - 100% boar hair
    - clean the hair
    - stimulates the scalp
    - gently massages the scalp
    - increases blood circulation to the hair roots
    - distributes the nourishing hair oils throughout the hair
    - restores the natural shine
    - Danish design
    - supplied in a cardboard box to protect the brush head during transport