North by Heart – a vision with growing pains!

North by Heart is the newest addition to Silje Brenna, the woman behind Præstø's culinary flagship, Frederiksminde and Rønnede Kro.

Like Silje's other companies, North by Heart is built on thoughts of
sustainability, local collaborations and quality. In a short time, the brand's care products have won many hearts - and recently there was an email from the Danish Beauty Awards.

Once upon a time there was a world, and it was closed and turned off because of corona... It doesn't sound like the beginning of a beautiful adventure,
but the background for Silje's new, exciting project must actually be found in the corona era.

The restaurant industry was hit hard by closures and uncertainty, and when you run both a hotel, a Michelin restaurant and an inn, you could feel the weight to that extent
of the global crisis. It is thus with nostalgia that Silje looks back
the face mask era, but however unwelcome they may be, crises can also be the starting point
for new things:

"In the midst of all the mess, there were also periods of time for reflection. Everything went into a different gear, and although we would have preferred to have people in the rooms and guests at the tables, some time was available, which
wasn't there before," says Silje and continues: "I thought about the things we wanted with Frederiksminde and with Rønnede Kro. The desire to be a joy to others, to give people the best we can and to work in a way that benefits, pulls in a good direction with an eye on sustainability and closeness.”

An important part of the good hotel experience is the experience of
quality in the bathrooms, from the soft towels and the tasteful lighting to the soaps and shampoos. At Frederiksminde, people are always looking for opportunities to make things even better, and Silje had missed some good, organic care products, preferably produced locally, which could provide both children and
adults a shot of health and well-being. A combination of more time and some meetings with interesting people now opened the door for her to start developing these products herself, and with soaps, lotions and hand sanitizer, North by Heart was born.

“It was amazing to connect the dots and see it happen. From
a half-formulated thought that has been in the back of my mind to feel the scent of the essential oils in my nose when we opened the package with the first soaps - absolutely enchanting," says Silje about the project's development. But that was just the beginning: "When we first got started, I really wanted to let it go."
let your imagination run wild. I wanted to continue in the directions that felt right: ways to work, people to collaborate with, paths to walk. As in the other activities, it has been important for me to put the right team of good people. At Frederiksminde and Rønnede Kro, the staff are absolutely central to the activities and atmosphere, and we are also well on our way to being there with North by Heart. "

The visions were unleashed, the office in the heart of Præstø has been buzzing with activity, and this has resulted in the Little Acorn universe, which
not just care products for the youngest, but also a fun and engaging picture book, written by 0th grade teacher Carina and illustrated by Liv and an acorn teddy bear, just as there are many more ideas on the drawing board. In addition to being a
cute logo, there is also plenty of meaning hidden in the Little Acorn acorn:

"After all, it is a seed that can germinate and grow. With its content of nourishment just waiting to start growing, it is a powerful symbol of life, full of health and opportunity. Kongeegen in Jægerspris, which is approx.
2000 years old, was once an acorn that could lie in a child's hand. I think that is very life-affirming to think about," Silje rounds off.

There is also no doubt about North by Heart's growth potential, because in addition to a steadily growing crowd of satisfied customers, Danish Beauty also has
Awards spotted the Præstø company, which has been nominated in the category
This year's new Danish brand.